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who is Recess?
we’re a team of creative people in search of calm. Recess helps people feel calm, focused and creative despite the stressful world around them. a couple of years ago, we created our first product line and canned a feeling. now we make a variety of products that all help you feel calm cool collected in different ways

why did you make Recess?

modern times can be overwhelming: 8 in 10 americans report experiencing daily stress. our jobs, our commutes, and simply existing in the world around us are more stressful than ever before. one unfortunate side effect of stress is that it makes it incredibly hard to be creative. we made Recess to give you a moment to reset and rebalance, so you can feel calm but focused on the things that matter

how was Recess started?

Recess arose out of a simple observation: it’s easier to be creative and productive when you’re calm. and so, Ben Witte (along with co-founders Justin Hauser and David Hess) set out to create a beverage that would help people feel calm and balanced despite living in an increasingly stressful world, so they could be their most creative and productive selves. now, Recess creates a whole line of relaxation products and experiences designed to help people feel calm cool collected

when will my order be delivered?

visit our shipping + returns page for more information

does Recess need to be refrigerated?

no, all of our products are shelf stable, but our sparkling water is best enjoyed cold

what kind of product testing do you do?

we run post-production quality checks and validate the results with certificates of analysis from third party labs. having safe, reliable products is something we take very seriously

how can i contact you?

  • customer support:
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where are you located?

we’re all over the US but NY is our forever home


what is Recess sparkling water?

Recess is a sparkling water infused with hemp and adaptogens for balance and clarity so you can be the you you are on your best days. made with real fruit ingredients and no fake stuff, because your taste buds deserve it

what’s in it?

Recess is a sparkling water infused with broad spectrum hemp and adaptogens, made with real fruit ingredients and no fake stuff each can contains 10mg of broad spectrum hemp extract as well as ginseng, lemon balm, and L-theanine. it’s made with real fruit like dried cherries, peaches and orange zest, all with less than 20 calories and 5g or less of sugar

how will it make me feel?

not tired, not wired. calming blend of hemp & adaptogens work together to create a feeling we could all use more of these days: calm cool collected

what’s the deal with hemp? what kind do you use?

recent science has shown that hemp helps support a variety of physiological processes by interaction with our body’s endocannabinoid system we use a broad spectrum hemp (grown with organic farming practices) that includes cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids

when should i drink Recess?

anytime you need a moment to reset and rebalance. we see people drinking Recess in the morning (to start the day calm), during work to stay calm but focused, after work to decompress, and as an alternative to alcohol

is there any caffeine in Recess?

our blackberry chai flavor uses black tea in an effort to closely replicate the true taste and function of chai tea. this particular flavor may contain a miniscule amount of naturally-occurring caffeine (roughly 200x less than a cup of coffee). the other flavors are completely caffeine-free

is Recess safe for pregnant women and children?

Recess sparkling water is not intended for use by children, or pregnant or nursing women. as always, for any concerns we recommend you consult your physician


what is Recess Mood?

Recess Mood combines the mood-lifting power of magnesium with the calming effects of adaptogens to create a new path to feeling calm cool collected. it comes in two forms: Recess Mood sparkling water and Recess Mood Powder, so you can add some calm to whatever you’re drinking

how will it make me feel?

like yourself, but in a slightly better mood. Recess Mood calms the mind and lifts the mood. you can think of every can (and scoop) as a small but mighty dose of positivity

what’s in Recess Mood sparkling water?

Recess Mood sparkling water is infused with magnesium and adaptogens. each flavor is made with real fruit and no fake stuff more specifically, each serving contains 53mg of magnesium from our proprietary magnesium blend which includes magnesium L-threonate, magnesium ascorbate and active vitamin B6, as well as ginseng, L-theanine and lemon balm powder

what’s in Recess Mood Powder?

Recess Mood powder is a ready to mix powder featuring a blend of magnesium, adaptogens and electrolytes for hydration more specifically, each serving contains 1.6g of our proprietary magnesium blend which includes magnesium L-threonate, magnesium glycinate, magnesium citrate and active vitamin B6, as well as 200mg of L-theanine and 180mg of passion flower extract

what’s the deal with magnesium?

it turns out that half of all americans aren’t getting enough magnesium in their diet, which is making us feel tired, stressed, and moody. we designed our functional blend around magnesium L-threonate, a new form of magnesium shown to effectively raise brain magnesium levels. the result is Recess Mood, which helps calm the mind and lift the mood by helping your brain make more feel good neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine

when should i drink Recess Mood?

whenever you feel like your mind and body could use a pick me up. we see people drinking Recess Mood in the morning (to start the day on a high note), when you’re feeling that afternoon dip and need a mood boost, after work to decompress, and as an alternative to alcohol

is it safe for kids and pregnant or nursing women?

Recess Mood is not recommended for use by children or pregnant and/or nursing women. please consult your doctor for any concerns


what is a Recess subscription?

a Recess subscription allows you to get Recess delivered to your home on a schedule of your choosing, without needing to re-order every time. with our flexible subscription program, you’re in control: cancel, adjust or modify your subscription at any time

what products can i subscribe to?

subscription is currently available for our Recess (with hemp) and Recess Mood sparkling water 12 packs. Recess Mood Powder tubs and stick pack subscriptions are coming soon

how do i sign up for a subscription?

to sign up, select the "subscription" option on the product page before checking out and you’ll have the option of receiving a shipment of Recess every 2, 4, or 8 weeks. we'll automatically bill the credit card you provide us whenever we send a shipment

i have a subscription, can i change the delivery date for my next shipment?

to change your next delivery date, simply log on to your customer account and select “active subscriptions”. select a future date within the “next shipment date” button, and you’re all set

can i change the frequency of my subscription?

to change your frequency, simply log on to your customer account and select “active subscriptions”. you can select a different option within the “frequency” button

can i skip a shipment?

to skip a shipment, simply log on to your and select “upcoming subscription shipments”. select the “skip” button to skip your next shipment. select “unskip” if you still wish to receive your order

can i add, remove or swap products within my existing Recess subscription?

yes — to edit your existing subscription, log on to your customer account and select “active subscriptions.” to add a product(s), select “add a product” below your existing subscriptions. to remove a product(s), select “cancel”. to swap flavors or product type, select the “swap” button. swapped products will be delivered on your original subscription schedule

can i change the billing method for my subscription?

to change your billing method, simply log on to your customer account and select “subscription billing information” to modify your credit card and/or billing address

can i change the shipping address for my Recess subscription?

to change your shipping address, simply log on to your customer account and select “subscription addresses” to add and/or modify your shipping addresses

how do i cancel my subscription?

to cancel your subscription, simply log on to your customer account and select “active subscriptions.” select “cancel” next to each of your subscription products. you will receive a notification that your subscription has been cancelled, although you may revisit your account at any time to add products or reactivate your subscription. orders must be cancelled 24 hours prior to your next scheduled shipment date

when will my product arrive?

depending on your location, you will receive a delivery between 2-7 business days from the shipment date


where is Recess Realitywear made?

Recess Realitywear apparel is designed in new york and made in LA

are sizes ‘true to normal' sizes?

yes, all apparel is unisex and fits true to size. our instagram is weird, our sizes are not

how do i care for my Realitywear?

we recommend following the care instructions on the inside of each apparel piece

how do i initiate a return or exchange?

email us at

can i ship products to multiple addresses?

yes, but you will need to place a separate order for each location

how frequently will you have new drops?

check back often for new Realitywear drops and collabs, the possibilities are endless. sign up for our newsletter if you don't want to miss the next big thing

can we do a realitywear or object collab?

let's make things together. email us at with your thoughts

who can i contact if i have additional questions?

don't see your question here? email and a real human will get back to you