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what is Recess?
Recess is an antidote to modern times. whether it’s through our sparkling water infused with hemp extract and adaptogens, our IRL events, or our realitywear line, we make things to help you feel calm, cool, and collected.
how Recess was started? 
Recess was started by Ben Witte and co-founders Justin Hauser and David Hess. As naturally wired and anxious millennials, they were exploring solutions to help themselves feel calm. They observed the rise of functional ingredients that help people relax such as hemp extract and adaptogens and set out to create a beverage that would help consumers feel calm and balanced during this increasingly stressful time in society. Subsequently, Ben set out to focus on Recess full time and teamed up with Simon Goode to bring Recess to market and introduce the calm cool collected feeling into the world. Just over two years old, Recess now has a team of 20 and an incredible set of partners dedicated to its mission of creating an antidote to modern times.
how can I contact you?


what is Recess sparkling water?
Recess is a sparkling water infused with hemp and adaptogens for balance and clarity so you can be the you you are on your best days. when we made Recess, we canned a feeling: calm, cool, collected.
why should i drink Recess?
modern times can be overwhelming: 8 in 10 americans report experiencing daily stress. whether it’s our job, our commute, or simply existing in the world around us, there are more sources of stress than ever before. one of the unfortunate side-effects of stress is that it makes it incredibly hard to be creative. Recess offers a moment to reset and balance, giving you a focused calm so you can get back into the flow state you’ve been missing.
what kind of hemp do we use?
we source our broad spectrum hemp extract from one of the most trusted producers of hemp-derived cannabinoids in the US. their unique, proprietary process yields a high potency product complete with cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential amino acids.
what makes Recess different?
Recess combines both hemp extract and adaptogens, which help the body manage stress and help the mind feel calm, cool, collected. we don’t think you should ever sacrifice flavor for functionality, which is why we use real fruit and herbs, brewed by a real person named jason, for a complex yet refreshing flavor that’s unlike anything else out there.
what testing do you do?
having safe, reliable products is something we take very seriously. we run post-production quality checks and validate with certificates of analysis from third party labs.
is there any caffeine in Recess?
our blackberry chai flavor uses black tea in an effort to closely replicate the true taste and function of chai tea. this particular flavor may contain a miniscule amount of naturally-occurring caffeine (roughly 200x less than a cup of coffee). the other flavors are completely caffeine-free.
is Recess safe for pregnant women and children?
Recess sparkling water is not intended for use by children, or pregnant or nursing women. as always, for any concerns we recommend you consult your physician.


what is a Recess subscription?
a Recess subscription allows you to get Recess delivered to your home on a schedule of your choosing, without needing to re-order every time (at a $10 discount per case). with our flexible subscription program, you’re in control: cancel, adjust or modify your subscription at any time. we currently offer subscriptions for 12-packs only.
how do i sign up for a subscription?
to sign up, select the "subscription" option on the product page before checking out and you’ll have the option of receiving a shipment of Recess every 2, 4, or 6 weeks. we'll automatically bill the credit card you provide us whenever we send a shipment.
i have a subscription, can i change the delivery date for my next shipment
to change your next delivery date, simply log on to your customer account and select “active subscriptions”. select a future date within the “next shipment date” button, and you’re all set.
can i change the frequency of my subscription?
to change your frequency, simply log on to your customer account and select “active subscriptions”. you can select a different option within the “frequency” button.
can i skip a shipment?
to skip a shipment, simply log on to your customer account and select “upcoming subscription shipments”. select the “skip” button to skip your next shipment. select “unskip” if you still wish to receive your order.
can i add, remove or swap products within my existing Recess subscription
yes — to edit your existing subscription, log on to your customer account and select “active subscriptions.” to add a product(s), select “add a product” below your existing subscriptions. to remove a product(s), select “cancel”. to swap flavors, select the “swap” button. swapped products will be delivered on your original subscription schedule.
can i change the billing method for my subscription?
to change your billing method, simply log on to your customer account and select “subscription billing information” to modify your credit card and/or billing address.
can i change the shipping address for my Recess subscription?
to change your shipping address, simply log on to your customer account and select “subscription addresses” to add and/or modify your shipping addresses.
how do i cancel my subscription?
to cancel your subscription, simply log on to your customer account and select “active subscriptions.” select “cancel” next to each of your subscription products. you will receive a notification that your subscription has been cancelled, although you may revisit your account at any time to add products or reactivate your subscription. orders must be cancelled 24 hours prior to your next scheduled shipment date.
when will my product arrive?
depending on your location, you will receive a delivery between 2-7 business days from the shipment date.


where is the apparel made?
Recess realitywear apparel is designed in new york and made in LA.
are sizes ‘true to normal' sizes?
yes, all apparel is unisex and fits true to size. our instagram is weird, our sizes are not.
how do i care for my realitywear?
we recommend following the care instructions on the inside of each apparel piece.
how do i initiate a return or exchange?
email us at
can i ship products to multiple addresses?
yes, but you will need to place a separate order for each location.
how frequently will you have new drops?
check back often for new realitywear drops and collabs, the possibilites are endless. sign up for our newsletter if you don't want to miss the next big thing.
can we do a realitywear or object collab?
let's make things together. email us at with your thoughts.
who can i contact if i have additional questions?
don't see your question here? email, and a real human will get back to you.