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what's inside

Recess combines hemp extract and adaptogens to promote a calm state of mind that helps you be more creative and productive. we use real fruit and functional herbs to create a rich flavor that’s low in sugar and calories (but doesn’t taste like it).

the ingredients behind the feeling

we made Recess to help ease the ups and downs of modern times. hemp and adaptogens interact with our endocannabinoid system to help our body maintain equilibrium and homeostasis. we chose a specific group of adaptogens known for their ability to help manage stress and promote a feeling of calm and focus when you need it most. what you’re left with can only be described as a feeling: calm, cool, collected.

how we make the feeling

when people try Recess for the first time, there’s usually a moment of surprise. that’s because they’re not used to sparkling water made with real fruit and herbs, brewed by a real person named Jason. we develop each Recess flavor using real ingredients, like peaches and coconut flakes, before layering in herbs and fruit juices. the result is a complex but light sparkling water with the right mix of flavor and functionality to keep you feeling calm, cool, and collected.

don't take our word for it

it’s easy for anyone to use words like “high quality” and “broad spectrum.” that’s why we decided to post our lab results to hold ourselves to the highest possible standard. there’s nothing more calm, cool, and collected than accountability.

Flavor UPC Best By Date Lot Code Download
Peach Ginger 850000230026 12/10/2020 CPPG51 Download PDF
Peach Ginger 850000230026 12/11/2020 CPPG52 Download PDF
Blackberry Chai 850000230002 12/13/2020 CPBC49 Download PDF